A company “sailing upwind”

Despite the copious and turbulent challenges that we faced during the year 2020, Milltech was able to stand out as a company with remarkable performance skills, according to some selection criteria by “Controvento” (en: upwind) survey. The survey, conducted by the institution “Nomisma”, a market research company, in collaboration with CRIF (a credit bureau institution), […]

Thermographic check up on electrical systems

The health of our company is important to us. In Milltech we carry out periodic checks and make diagnoses on equipment, machineries, because we want to make sure that safety at work remains a priority for our company. A thermographic analysis was carried out the last April. Thermography allows to detect in time and with […]

Christmas Holidays 2020-2021

The company will be closed for Christmas Holidays from 24th December 2020 to 06th January 2021. We wish you a merry Christmas time!

Milltech Summer Closing 2020

Milltech informs you that the company will be closed for summer holidays from 08th to 23rd August included. Thank you for this half year we have spent together! We wish you happy holidays!

Beyond Corona Virus, towards the future!

During the current difficult situation all over the world, Milltech S.r.l. faces the present looking always to the future! Our company is operative and deals efficiently with all the multiple problems this situation may arise. We have already taken care of health safety measures according to the official instructions of prevention and protection. Milltech employees […]

Christmas Holidays 2019-2020

Dears, herewith we would like to inform you that the company will be closed on the 06th Dec. 2019 for Bank Holiday. Also, we will be closed for Christmas Holidays as follows: From 21st Dec. 2019 to 06th Jan 2020. We gladly take the chance to wish you a merry Christmas time.

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New Warehousing system for Tools

Following the great experience we are having with the automated warehousing system for end products we got last year, we have gotten another High Bay Warehousing System, this time for the management of tools, which will be used starting end of 2019. Amongst the main advantages, there is a greater efficiency in the management and […]


New Altimeter and new Machine for Tool Pre-setting in Milltech

By the end of the year Milltech will widen its Machinery Park with a new Altimeter and a new Machine for Tool Presetting. Thanks to this machine, pre-setting will be carried on quicker, more flexible and in a more reliable way, improving our production processes and shortening our lead time. While the new Altimeter Mitutoyo […]

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Summer Closing Milltech 2019

Milltech would like to inform you, that we will be closed for summer closing from the 12th to the 23rd August 2019. We wish you good holidays!