• Manufacturing of highly complex parts upon the customer's design using Technologically Advanced CNC machines.
  • Milltech meets the customer's need for flexibility due to the agility of its production structure, which can quickly shift from small to medium batch production.
  • Production batches from 10 pieces to more than 5000 pieces.
  • Materials used: aluminium and all its alloys, steel in general, titanium, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastics in general.
  • Minimum Dimensions for Milling: 1mm x 1mm, maximum 10,000mm x 2,500mm x 1,250mm. Minimum Dimensions for Turning: D = 3 mm, maximum: D = 300mm max L = 600 mm max.
  • Treatments: Milltech can also supply the product finished with surface treatments: Anodising Oxidation, Electro Colouring, Galvanisation, Burnishing, Niploy, Paint Coating, Quenching, etc.


Milltech assists the customer step by step in the elaboration of the technical designs and drawings, so that they are directly connected to the prototyping phase.

Creation of prototypes, on the basis of highly complex designs, using both CNC and traditional machine tools.

Milltech offers a fast prototyping service thanks to the use of new information technology.

  • Production batches: even a single piece or a small pre-series
  • Treatments: Milltech can also supply the product finished with surface treatments.
  • Dimensions: max 600 x 500 x 350 mm flat surface.
  • 5-Axis Machines


  • Machine tools equipment
  • Delivery, assembly and testing
  • Surface treatments
  • Changes to pre-existing equipment
  • Design and manufacturing of tooling to optimise production process times: recommended for repetitive assembly operations