About us

Milltech was created by a group of technicians who shared decades of professional experience, different and complementary to each other, in the production and prototyping of high precision mechanical components.

Milltech is able to perform the entire cycle: from technical design to the requested mechanical parts, through prototyping and manufacturing to the finished product.

Milltech meets the customer's need for flexibility due to the agility of its production structure, which can quickly shift from small to medium batch production.

Milltech ensure the maximum level of environmental sustainability of its processes, and ensures that its products are COMPLETELY MADE IN ITALY in compliance with qualitative standards that are among the best in the market.

The Product Development Department offers best-in-class expertise.

The future you dream is within reach, hand in hand with Milltech.

The company


Founding of Milltech

3 associates

employees: 1


Purchase of 2 new CNC machines

employees: 7


Construction of the new building and relocation to today’s plant

employees: 12


Increase of the machinery park thanks to the purchasing of furher CNC machines

employees: 15

turnover: 1.2 mio


Opening of the international sales office

employees: 18

turnover: 1.4 mio

export: 2.4%


Increase of the international business relationships

employees: 20

turnover: 1.9 mio

export: 11.7%


Reached the 2 milion € turnover

employees: 21

turnover: 2.1 mio

export: 18.5%


Reached a 25% export rate

employees: 21

turnover: 2 mio

export: 25%


Starting the path to the “Industry 4.0”

employees: 25

turnover: 2.6 mio

export: +4.5%